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Pineapple Street Media is a new kind of podcast company. Founded in 2016 in Brooklyn, NY, we work with partners to create high-quality content that has now reached more than 50 million listeners. Our shows are tailored to a diversity of ideas, interests, and identities, striving to make moving, thoughtful, and creative audio for all people in all genres.



Jenna Weiss-Berman
Jenna is the co-founder of Pineapple Street Media. After almost a decade working in public radio on such shows as The Moth and StoryCorps, Jenna started the podcast department at BuzzFeed and created Another Round and Women of the Hour with Lena Dunham. She currently sits on the advisory board of The Moth. 


Max Linsky
Max is the co-founder of Pineapple Street Media. Max co-hosted With Her with Hillary Clinton, Pineapple Street's first show. He is a co-founder of Longform and a co-host of the Longform Podcast

Emily True Headshot.png

Emily Becker
Emily Becker is the managing editor of Pineapple Street Media. She is Pineapple's shortest and longest serving employee  and is a graduate of Middlebury College.


Chris Berube
Chris Berube makes audio things. He recently hosted an episode of 30 for 30 (ESPN) and is producing Stay Tuned with Preet (WNYC). He's also made stuff for Slate Magazine, CBC Radio One, Radiolab, Bullseye, The New York Times and The Walrus Magazine.


Leila Day
Leila Day is an award winning producer and co-creator of The Stoop Podcast. She was a reporter and editor at NPR affiliate KALW and most recently served as editor at Al Jazeera's podcast network, Jetty. Leila's taught audio storytelling inside San Quentin State Prison, and at the Transom Storytelling workshop.


Christina Djossa

Christina Djossa is an intern at Pineapple Street Media. She is also a reporter who writes stories about overlooked history, science, and people for outlets such as Atlas Obscura and National Geographic.


Bari Finkel
Bari is a producer at Pineapple Street Media. During her freelance years, she worked with Radiolab, The Brian Lehrer Show, More Perfect, Panoply, and BuzzFeed. 


Josh Gwynn

Josh Gwynn is a producer at Pineapple Street Media where he has worked on projects such as Never Before with Janet and Still Processing for The New York Times. He received his Masters in Media Management from The New School in New York City. 


Jess Hackel

Jess is an associate producer at Pineapple Street Media. Before joining Pineapple Street, Jess worked on the HBO series High Maintenance.


Courtney Harrell

Courtney is an associate producer at Pineapple Street Media. Before joining Pineapple Street, Courtney was a print reporter, production assistant at Pittsburgh's NPR affiliate, and editor of multiple podcasts, including the Longform Podcast. She has an MFA from the University of Pittsburgh. 


Ann Heppermann
Ann is a producer with Pineapple Street. She is a Peabody award winning producer who has reported and produced forThis American Life, Radiolab, and many other shows. In 2011, she was named a United States Artist Rockefeller Fellow for her decades long innovative work. She's also founder of The Sarah Awards. 


Eleanor Kagan
Eleanor is a senior producer at Pineapple Street Media. Prior to joining Pineapple Street Media, she was BuzzFeed's Director of Audio and spearheaded critically-acclaimed podcasts, like Another Round and See Something Say Something.


Dina Kleiner
Dina is an associate producer at Pineapple Street Media. She is an Emerson College Alum and talks about her Korean skincare routine too much. 


Joel Lovell
Joel is the executive editor at Pineapple Street Media. Before joining Pineapple Street, Joel served as Deputy Editor of the New York Times Magazine and Executive Editor of This American Life. He worked on Serial, Missing Richard Simmons, and S-Town.


Jonathan Menjivar
Jonathan Menjivar is a senior producer at Pineapple Street Media. He spent nearly 8 years reporting and producing stories for the public radio show This American Life and also served as the show’s Music Supervisor. Before that, he was a producer for Fresh Air with Terry Gross where he used to cut tape with a razor blade.


Henry Molofsky
Henry is a senior producer at Pineapple Street Media, where he produced Missing Richard Simmons, The New York Times’ Still Processing, and Stay Tuned with Preet. Before Pineapple Street, Henry produced at WNYC, Panoply, and others.


Cinthia Pimentel
Cinthia is a fellow/producer at Pineapple Street Media and co-host/ editor of Bag Ladiez. Before joining Pineapple Street Media, Cinthia was a college access and success counselor. She is also Bronx native, storyteller and artist.

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Maddy Sprung-Keyser
Maddy Sprung-Keyser is an associate producer at Pineapple Street Media. Before joining the world of podcasting, she was an associate at Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett. She holds a JD from NYU School of Law and a BA from Amherst College. She is enjoying regular work hours.


Puddy the Pup
Puddy is Pineapple's most senior employee, with years of experience in radio and paw-dcast production.

Mr. Carter
Mr. Carter is Pineapple's closer. A legend of the business world, Mr. Carter will stop at nothing to seal the deal.